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Urban Dictionary: Basketball

Hey, , u wanna go play some basketball, wit me, , and ?

Urban Dictionary: off the grid

Michael Jordan and basketball? One word: oteegee, baby.

Urban Dictionary: Sell

Commonly used as the basketball game 2k to "Sell" is to not do good as usual or to throw the game away and do bad.

Urban Dictionary: Chungus

Person 1: Lets play basketball Person 2: Chungus Person 1: Fuck, you win.

Urban Dictionary: Brick

Derived from "thick as a brick." 3 A basketball shot in which the ball bounces off the backboard and/or hits the rim, but does not go though the net.

Urban Dictionary: Tool

Almost synonymous to douche bag; the type of person that likes to show off their physique in public; wears athletic clothing in ...

Urban Dictionary: swish

Deriving from Great Britain, swish is another term for "cool" or "hip"

Urban Dictionary: Throw it Back

Did you see Zander at the basketball game yesterday he was throwing it back.

Urban Dictionary: skrt

Used in basketball when one changes directions quickly on an opponent and makes them fall.

Urban Dictionary: skating

in basketball, a ball handler performs a dribble move or two that makes the defender disoriented and unable to defend the ball handler leaving him open.